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Crystal's graphics

Find "Friends only" banners, colour bars, and icons.

Crystal Graphics
23 May 1987
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I'm totally addicted to musicals.
I don't know many of musicals.
I'm totally addicted to the few musicals that I do know.
My name is Crystal.
I will also respond to Crys, Shorty, Little One, and ¼öÁ¤.
I`ve been on this Earth for 18 years.
My first breath was on May/23/1987. (*Amazon.ca wishlist*)
I am part of the female population. I am currently single.
I am nationally Canadian but ethnically Korean.
I currently reside in the 416/Toronto area.
I am being educated at Humberside C.I in the 12th grade.
I am a struggling Christian who praises the LORD† at Bethel.
Contact me at forget.regret@hotmail.com.
My Harry Potter Fanfiction LJ: hpff_crystal
My personal LJ (it's Friends only): crystalic_chick

1) Hotlinking is okay but tell me that you will be doing so.
If you have your own Photobucket etc. account, even better.

2) Comment when taking any of my graphics ("Friends only" banners, colour bars, and icons).
I just want to know where my graphics are going.

3) Credit my work.
I'm not claiming the picture but the work and effort I put into these graphics.
If you don't, I'll be mad (>.<).

4) Do not, do not, claim my work as yours. That's just not nice.

5) Spread the word.